Summoned to the castle

A friend of ours named John who lives in a 100 year old mock castle built by his grandfather on one of Sydney’s Northern Beaches invited Tsunoda-san, Shinko and I to come up and see some of his collection of Japanese swords. Tsunoda-san was very impressed with the castle – but didn’t have much to say about the swords. Anyway, it was interesting way for him to spend the last day of his trip to Sydney.

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Today’s training with Tsunoda-san

Today, Go-san and I were again fortunate to have Tsunoda-san who is visiting from Japan help us with Taisha-ryu kumidachi.





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Kenjutsu in the garden

Today in the dojo. Tsunoda-san from the Taisha-ryu Dojo Ryu-Sen-Kan in Yatsushiro is staying with me for a few days and took the time to help me with my still poor technique.



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