Taisha-ryu kata seen on this blog.

I often post a series of photos of Go-san and I practicing a part of a Taisha-ryu kata here in Sydney, but I never post a series showing an entire kata because members of the different keikokai (study groups) are not to teach or demonstrate Taisha-ryu.

The reason for this is not because Taisha-ryu wants to keep all of it’s techniques secret, but because members who have not reached the high rank of shinhandai are not deemed skilled enough to demonstrate or teach correctly.

If you’d like to see some done correctly in their entirety, here’s a video someone took in Osaka last year of Yamamoto-sensei and Sato-shihandai demonstrating some Taisha-ryu kata

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Taisha-ryu Kenjutsu Sydney – 25/01/2015

Today in the dojo.

Notice how Go-san is able to stay in a low kamae pretty much throughout this series of photos of part of a kata while I’m not. I’m going to Yastushiro in March. Have to be much better by then.

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