Spring Grading part 2

Up first – Tsunoda-san iai.

Spring Grading part 1

Yesterday two monjin of the Yatsushiro dojo, Tsumoda-san and Hachiguchi-san were tested at the annual grading and hanami party that is held at the Sokaku-ji temple in Yatsushiro.

Here’s a gallery showing some shots of us setting up before the tests began.

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After the enbu

After the enbu, returned to Yatsushiro, had dinner and suprised Yamamoto-Sensei with a cake to celebrate his birthday.

Kumamoto enbu – part 2

At the enbu, from the top: Gotan-shihandai and I, Sato-shihandai and Nanoka-san, Tsunoda-san and Hasiguchi-san, Uehara-san and Saki-san and Yamamoto-Sensei and Tazoe-sensei.

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Kumamoto enbu -part 1


This morning.

On the way from Yatsushiro to Kumamoto where we will demonstrate Taisha-ryu at the budokan.

Intensive Training day 1 – photos by Shinko

Taisha-ryu’s Ryu Sen Kan dojo in Yatsushiro conducts what is called in Japanese 短期集中鍛錬 (pronounced  tanki shuchu tanren) meaning “short intensive training” that runs from 10:00 – 16:00 with a lunch break at mid day for members who live so far from Yatsushiro that they are unable to come to the regular training sessions. Yesterday was the first of ten sessions that  I’m doing this trip. Usually there are a few other students who come when a session is on but yesterday was only Yamamoto-Sensei, Uehara-san, Chihara- san and me. Later in the day, Tsunoda-came to help instruct. Here are some photos taken by Shinko-san.

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