Spring Grading part 2

Up first – Tsunoda-san iai.

Spring Grading part 1

Yesterday two monjin of the Yatsushiro dojo, Tsumoda-san and Hachiguchi-san were tested at the annual grading and hanami party that is held at the Sokaku-ji temple in Yatsushiro.

Here’s a gallery showing some shots of us setting up before the tests began.

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After the enbu

After the enbu, returned to Yatsushiro, had dinner and suprised Yamamoto-Sensei with a cake to celebrate his birthday.

Kumamoto enbu – part 2

At the enbu, from the top: Gotan-shihandai and I, Sato-shihandai and Nanoka-san, Tsunoda-san and Hasiguchi-san, Uehara-san and Saki-san and Yamamoto-Sensei and Tazoe-sensei.

Click on photos to enlarge.

Kumamoto enbu -part 1


This morning.

On the way from Yatsushiro to Kumamoto where we will demonstrate Taisha-ryu at the budokan.