About the Goshu Hyoho Taisha-ryu Kenjutsu Keikokai

We are students of  Tasiha-ryu Kenjutsu living in Australia and are known within the Taisha-ryu as :Goshu (Australia) Hyoho (military tactics) Taisha-ryu Kenjutsu Keikokai (study group).

Our study group located in Sydney is one of six study groups authorised to practice Taisha-ryu outside of the main dojo which is located in Yatsushiro, Kumamoto, Japan – there are two in Europe and three in Japan; One  in Tokyo, another in Kagoshima and the third in Saga. Anyone not a local Kyushu resident able to attend the weekly training in Yatsushiro wishing to begin to study and practice Taisha-ryu kenjustu must apply to be instructed, and possibly be accepted into the school personally by Yamamoto-sensei, Uehara-soke or Tazoe-sensei at one of the study groups when an open seminar is held.

Just to be clear: We do not offer instruction here in Sydney. At this time instruction in Taisha-ryu Kenjutsu that is authorised by the soke is conducted only at the DOJO RYU-SEN-KAN in Yatsushiro, Kumamoto Japan or at a seminar organised by one of the Study Groups. For more information about the Taisha-ryu, you can write to me at: goshuhyohotaisharyu@gmail.com

This blog has been created for the members of Taisha-ryu and anyone else interested in koryu Kenjutsu.


David Dillman

36号 逞毘道


In the above photo: Grading in Yatsushiro, March, 23, 2014 – I’m in the back row as I was the newest member at the time. (Click to enlarge).

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