Spring Grading part 5

After the tests- hanami party.

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Spring grading – part 4

The verdicts. Taisha-ryu gradings happen twice a year; one in Spring and the other in Autumn. In the two previous posts Tsunoda-san and Hashiguchi-kun demonstrated their ability in front the two shihan and the four shihandai who then confer with each other before each giving their opinions to the two in front of the other members of the dojo who were present.

The opinions and criticism on not only technique and skill but appearance, manners and demeanour are very strong and to the point.

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Spring Grading – part 3

Up next was Hashiguchi-kun performing kata using a kodachi (short sword) with Gotan-shihandai who “attacked” using the Taisha-ryu bokken.

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Spring Grading part 2

Up first – Tsunoda-san iai.

Spring Grading part 1

Yesterday two monjin of the Yatsushiro dojo, Tsumoda-san and Hachiguchi-san were tested at the annual grading and hanami party that is held at the Sokaku-ji temple in Yatsushiro.

Here’s a gallery showing some shots of us setting up before the tests began.

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After the enbu

After the enbu, returned to Yatsushiro, had dinner and suprised Yamamoto-Sensei with a cake to celebrate his birthday.

Kumamoto enbu – part 2

At the enbu, from the top: Gotan-shihandai and I, Sato-shihandai and Nanoka-san, Tsunoda-san and Hasiguchi-san, Uehara-san and Saki-san and Yamamoto-Sensei and Tazoe-sensei.

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Kumamoto enbu -part 1


This morning.

On the way from Yatsushiro to Kumamoto where we will demonstrate Taisha-ryu at the budokan.