Japan trip 2016 -Hitoyoshi Cultural Center enbu

On October 17, the city of Hitoyoshi held a benefit to help victims of the Kumamoto earthquake which struck six months earlier. It was a showcase of traditional Japanese arts including the Martial Art of the Taisha-ryu which was founded in the area nearly 450 years ago. Happily, my only job on the day was to take photos. Here are a few them both backstage and from the audience.

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Training with the Saga Study Group


The modern dojo in the country side



Prospective students came to meet Yamamoto -sensei. They are preformers in ninja shows at the Hizenyumekaido.


In the Hizenyumaikaido


There are now five study groups in Japan to which Yamamoto-sensei visits regularly.They are in Kagoshima, Saga, Hiroshima, Osaka and Tokyo. Two days ago I joined Yamamoto-sensei and Uehara-soke to go to train with the Saga group who practice in two different dojos; one is a modern building in the Ureshima country side, and the other in an old theatre they are allowed to use in a Ninja amusment  park called the  Hizenyumekaido. Here some photos of the training and the place.

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News from Japan

Taisha-ryu’s 15th soke

Grading-March 2015.

Grading-March 2015 – Uehara Eriko with back to the camera.

Hyoho Taisha-ryu has announced that on the 1st of August 2015, Uehara Eriko-sensei will become the 15th soke of Hyoho Taisha-ryu Kenjutsu. In a lineage that dates back nearly 450 years from the late 16th century she will be the first ever woman to lead our ryu.

In the gallery below – Tazoe-sensei and Uehara-sensei at the 33rd annual Asakusa Taikai enbu in Tokyo 11th April, 2015.

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Spring Grading part 5

After the tests- hanami party.

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Spring Grading – part 3

Up next was Hashiguchi-kun performing kata using a kodachi (short sword) with Gotan-shihandai who “attacked” using the Taisha-ryu bokken.

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Spring Grading part 2

Up first – Tsunoda-san iai.